Belt Tensionmeter Type 5

Capacity: 10 ~ 600 Hz

Model: Type 5 Optical

The TYPE 5 version of the meter has all the capability and functions of the Type 4 meter but with the following additional facilites.

The frequency range is from 10.0 Hz to 600 Hz, which will cover virtually all belt tension measuring applications.

The display may show the belt tension in KgF units of measurement.

This value is calculated from the belt span and belt mass data, which is entered into the meter.

Up to 3 sets of data may be stored in the meter for easy recall.

The display may be changed from a Hz to a KgF reading by the press of a single key.

Rechargeable batteries provide 30 hours of continuous operation. Automatic power off occurs 2 minutes from the last use of the meter.


Model Type 5 Optical
Frequency range 10 to 600 Hz
Digital resolution 10.0 ~ 99.9, 100 ~ 600 (Hz)
Measurement accuracy Below 100 Hz ± 1 significant digit, Above 100 Hz ± 1%
Font size 12 mm
Belt mass input range 0,001 to 9,990 kg/m
Belt span input range 0,001 to 9,99 m
 (Does not mean that can detect more than 1.8 m   span length of the belt)
Maximum belt tension display 1.0 ~ 999 Kgf
Display Unit Hz /  Kgf  Could be shifted quickly
Sensor Housing Machined aluminium
Sensor Type Infrared optical
IR wavelength 970 mm
Visible aiming beam Narrow angle orange beam
Effective sensing distance 50 mm or farther
Cable length 1 m
Operating temperature +10 to +50 °C
Protection class IP54
Standard accessory 1 RS-232C serial port
Standard accessory 2 Charger & rechargable Battery
Standard accessory 3 Resonator ( 250 Hz)
Main Meter Size 180 x 100 x 43 (mm)
Packing Carrying plastic protective case
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