U-550 Sonic Belt Tension Meter

Capacity: 10 ~ 5000 Hz

Model: U-550

Sonic wave is generated by flipping the belt span with the belt standing still,
and it is captured by the sensor and processed by high performance computing,
and belt tension is displayed in digital mode.

- Number to be memorize input data:40 kinds
- Can display unit weight of 69 Timing belts and  Vee belts

Standard accessory sensor head:TM-AMM (Flexable Type, Entire length 17cm)   
                                            §   Option TM-COM (Soft wire type, Entire length 1m)    

 (built-in Gates brand only)
- The 500 latest results are retained for record keeping,
  Export the results to PC per USB is possible
  (Note:Operate only Japanese Windows8/10  O/S )
- Switching Range ->3 steps
♦ Background noise must be avoided while apply the belt meter.

Model U-550
Measurement sensor Microphone
Sonic frequency range 10-5000 Hz  (Manual switching 3 ranges.)  
Measurement accuracy  --
Buttons 17 (ON/OFF, input, selecting and and setting)
Font size 3.0 mm, 4-lines EL with backlight
Use and storage temperature range  -10ーC to 50ーC, below 80% (free from condensation)
Environmental conditions Avoid any sound or noise
Output port USB x1 (For Japanese O/S computer only)
Power supply (AAA x 2 pieces) Alkaline dry cell is recommended.
Outer dimension 160 (H) x 59 (W) x 26 (D)
Mass 120 g
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